We are excited to offer LASIK surgery powered by the iDesign System.  FDA approved, the system generates a high-definition scan of the eye 25 times more precise than traditional methods used to measure and correct vision.  It acts as the “brain” of the LASIK procedure measuring and mapping irregularities of the eye that may impact vision, and then creating a personalized LASIK treatment plan based on the unique refractive “blueprint” of each person’s eyes.

The iDesign System captures more than 1,200 data points of the eye, as well as identifying the shape of the cornea, its curvature, how light passes through the eye and pupil diameter under different lighting conditions-in one, three-second scan that can be used to precisely correct vision.

In a study of myopic patients, patients reported improvement in ALL measures of visual functioning and well-being, including: Clarity of Vision, Satisfaction with Correction, Near Vision, Far Vision, Activity Limitations, Difficulty driving at night.  Additionally, studies have shown that over 91% of patients were satisfied to very satisfied with their vision after surgery, and more than 96% of patients were willing to recommend the procedure to their family and friends.

We are excited to be among leading practices in Louisville to offer an advanced diagnostic and correction technology to the many people who want vision that will give them the ability to enjoy active healthy lives without the hassle of glasses and contacts!

The iDesign System was developed by AMO Manufacturing USA, LLC.

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