Frank Burns, MD is the founder and owner of Middeltown Eye Care located in Louisville, KY and has been using the iDesign Wavescanner to perform Customized LASIK since the fall of 2018. Dr. Burns performed the first iDesign LASIK procedures in the state of Kentucky. With the use of the iDesign, developed by Johnson & Johnson Vision, Dr. Burns has been able to deliver amazing results to his LASIK patients with most patients noting that their vision is better after Customized LASIK with the iDesign than it was with their glasses or contacts prior to the surgery. The iDesign is used to measure not only the refractive error of the eye, but also any aberrations in the eye thus allowing Dr. Burns to correct the vision beyond what can be corrected with glasses or contacts. The iDesign technology uses many more data points than previous Wavescanners which ultimately gives a more accurate assessment of the eye prior to LASIK surgery and then delivers exceptional results.

During standard LASIK procedures, the treatment and laser ablation pattern was based simply on the refractive error of the eye. With the iDesign, the data obtained from the patient’s eye prior to the surgery is automatically incorporated into the laser ablation pattern which then is used to precisely reshape the cornea removing aberrations in the eye along with correcting the refractive error. This makes the LASIK procedure as safe and predictable as possible and delivers visual outcomes unable to be matched by other laser platforms on the market. Dr. Burns says, “Today, I can’t imagine performing LASIK without the iDesign technology. It truly ensures that I am giving each and every patient the safest and most precise result possible.”

The ultimate goal of LASIK surgery is to give patients freedom from glasses and contacts while providing safety and comfort during the procedure. The iDesign technology has helped Dr. Burns deliver that goal. To help make your decision easier, Middletown Eye Care is currently offering all LASIK patients $1,000 off their procedure for a limited time.

About Middletown Eye Care 

Middletown Eye Care was founded by Frank Burns, MD in 1996. His focus has been to bring patients in Louisville and the surrounding area the latest in diagnostic and surgical eye care. He also focuses his practice on Laser Vision Correction, including LASIK and PRK, and laser-assisted cataract surgery using premium lens implants, which may allow patients undergoing cataract removal to see near, far and intermediate distances with little to no dependence on reading glasses and/or bifocals. Dr. Burns earned his medical degree in 1986 at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri. He completed an internship, residency, and two-year postdoctoral research fellowship in corneal disease at the University of Louisville in 1992. He opened his private practice in Louisville immediately following his training. He is certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and is a fellow of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons and the American Academy of Ophthalmology, and founding member of the Suburban Excimer Laser Center, PLLC. Dr. Burns is currently the president of the Greater Louisville Medical Society and the Kentucky Academy of Eye Physicians and Surgeons.