Laser vision correction has been around for many years and is constantly evolving with technology. Dr. Frank Burns prides himself on constantly staying up to date on technology and making sure his patients are comforted during the whole process. Many people only think about the process leading up to LASIK, but our office wants to educate our patients on what to expect after your potentially life-changing LASIK procedure. Within our surgery center on the day of LASIK, Dr. Bruns with the help of his staff will ultimately use the laser to make a flap in your cornea. That flap is then pulled back to perform the rest of the procedure. Once the procedure is over, the flap will carefully be placed back perfectly onto your cornea.

The surgery is then complete and you must follow some important steps to ensure you do not dislodge the flap and ensure a healthy and quick recovery. Immediately following the procedure, Dr. Burns recommends that you go home and rest your eyes for at least four hours. You may feel a slight burning sensation and eye closure and rest will greatly help with this. Make sure you do not touch your eyes for at least a week, and once you do be very gentle. You should sleep with protective eye goggles just in case you involuntarily touch your eyes in your sleep or rub against something.

Do not wear any eye makeup for a week following the procedure as there is a risk of infection with the first couple of healing days. You will be prescribed many different eye drops that need to be taken at different times of says. It is very important you stick to the schedule given as within the first 48 hours you will be taking some type of drop almost every hour.

The good news is that the next day when you wake up you should be seeing clearly! If you are not, vision fluctuation is normal and let Dr. Burns know if you are experiencing blurriness for more than a short period of time. Call our office today if you are interested in LASIK and want to take advantage of our $1000 off promotion running through the end of the month!