Why choose our practice to have LASIK surgery?

What doctor you choose to perform your LASIK procedure is a very important choice. So how do you make that decision? The first and probably most critical factor is whether the surgeon that you choose performs all aspects of the examination process before and after the procedure.  The surgeon should perform the examination that determines whether you are a good candidate for LASIK.

In many practices and laser centers, the job of determining this is delegated to a person that is not going to perform the procedure and may not even be a surgeon.  That does not occur at our practice.  Dr. Burns is the only physician that you will see before, during and after the procedure.  Dr. Burns has been performing refractive surgery since 1995 and LASIK since 1999 and has performed thousands of procedures.  Thus, his experience in the area of refractive surgery is another reason to choose our practice for your LASIK procedure.

Dr. Burns’ Experience

Recently, Dr. Burns helped start the Refractive Surgery Training Program for the University of Louisville Residents. This program is only the second training program in the country supported by Johnson and Johnson Vision. He has helped proctor six residents since the program started earlier this year, with two of the residents completing their certification requirements to become LASIK surgeons.  Dr. Burns feels that it is very important to train residents to perform LASIK safely and to achieve excellent results.

Cutting Edge Technology

Finally, you should choose a practice that offers the latest technology in LASIK surgery. Our practice recently purchased an iDesign unit from Johnson and Johnson Vision.  The iDesign unit allows us to perform iLASIK, which is a totally customized treatment for patients wanting to achieve the absolute best results with their LASIK procedure.  The technology helps to achieve some of the best results of any refractive surgery platform offered in the United States.  In fact, FDA trial results showed that the iLASIK procedure achieved 20/20 or better vision in 94% of patients.  Our laser center is the only one that offers the iLASIK procedure in Kentucky.

Please call our office, 502-245-0305 , for a FREE LASIK consultation to see if you are a candidate for the iLASIK procedure today!!